THE HEIRESS: Tonight (TUESDAY 29) on Episode 80

Today’s episode starts with Carlos telling his wife about what he had learned earlier concerning Romina and the messenger. Daniela started throwing a tantrum, refusing to believe that Mina was innocent of murdering her father.

Hector was pretty upset that Alvin and his goon had failed to get to the messenger before Romina. He ordered them to find and make sure the messenger didn’t ruin their plans.

At the Cartolome shop, Carlos told his father that they had to find ways to grow the repair shop since what he earned wasn’t even enough for Marga’s allowance. Kulas asked whether he had any ideas in mind and said he had nothing.

“Some repair shops sign joint agreements with companies,” Kulas began. “Why don’t we get Camila to send their delivery tracks here for regular tune-ups? Talk to Daniela about it.”

“We don’t need to rely on Camila for anything, dad.”

“Then how will we grow?”

“Leave it to me.”

In the courtroom, Bernard told the judge that Patrick’s testimony was the only thing the prosecution had on his client. “And since he’s retracted his initial statement, we would like to request for a new trial.”

“Does the prosecution have any objections?” asked the judge.

“No, your honor,” the prosecutor replied.

Bernard exchanged a triumphant smile with Romina.

Daniela confronted Hector and asked him about his involvement with the messenger. Hector denied having had anything to do with him and paying him to testify against Romina.

“Romina wants to make it look like the messenger was bribed,” Hector said. “That’s the only way to drop the charges against her.”

“That bit*h. She’d do anything to avoid jail time. And now she’s using Carlos. We need to find that messenger. Make sure he doesn’t switch sides.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get Alvin to find him.”

Daniela harassed Alvin for failing to find the messenger. Hector assured her that he would handle it himself and Daniela told him that he should have done that in the first place.

A phone call came in. “This is not a good time, attorney.”

“That’s the main reason I’ve been calling, Mrs. Bartolome,” said the prosecutor.

“What do you mean?”

“Camila’s messenger has already submitted a new statement. He confessed that someone payed him to incriminate Romina.”

“No. He can’t do that. I won’t let this slide.”

At the diner, Cassie served Fatima and LJ their order. They teased her with her relationship with Kristoff as Marga worked nearby.

“So what’s the score, Cassie?” LJ asked. “Have you guys kissed?”

“LJ,” Cassie admonished. “He’s just courting me. What are you talking about?”

“What about holding hands?” Fatima asked.

Cassie shook her head.

“Not even that?” LJ said in disbelief.

“Tope’s just courting me,” Cassie repeated. “We already talked about it. We are taking it slow.”

“So you’re not his girlfriend yet?” Fatima asked. “How long are you going to make him wait?”

“And how slow is ‘taking it slow’?” LJ added. “As slow as Monday traffic?”

Cassie laughed with the girls. As Kristoff was coming over, Marga deliberately sent a tray of glasses flying onto the floor. Cassie looked on in disbelief as Kristoff helped her pick up the broken fragments of glass.

“And the wicked witch strikes,” Fatima commented. “What’s she even doing here?”

“Cassie, Marga already admitted she likes Kristoff,” LJ said. “She’ll probably find a way to get between you two so you better hurry up.”

Carlos met up with a former coworker and made an offer to service their company’s vehicles. The man told him that he would get back to him with a decision after he had a talk with his business partner.

The Mean Squad were at the diner, trying to talk Marga into dropping her act to join them for traveling and shopping. Maureen mentioned that what Marga was doing was cool.

“We all know the reason Marga’s here,” Nadya taunted, “Problem is, I don’t think anything’s changed.” Nadya pointed out Cassie and Kristoff who stood chatting at the corner.

“Awww, how sweet,” Maureen crooned.

“Shut up,” Marga hissed.

“Looks like they’re getting closer,” Nica commented. “Are they official?”

“No, he’s just courting her,” Marga spat.

“He didn’t even court you.”

“If you’re going to annoy me, then I’m just gonna go back to work.”

“Since when did you become a coward? You’re not doing anything to stop them.”

“You’re the queen, right?” Nica cut in. “Or did you hand Cassie the crown?”

Maureen looked confused. “Wait. There’s a crown? Where is it? Why can’t I see it?”

“Goodness, Maureen. Come on, Marga, are you actually gonna lose to someone like that? She’s taken everything from you. Maxwell Prime, the mansion, and now Kristoff? What you gonna do?”

Marga stared at Cassie and Kristoff.

The Mangubat brothers asked around for where Patrick Tolop lived, and a neighbor pointed it out to them.

Damiela received a text message from Alvin, telling her that they had found the messenger and he wouldn’t be able to testify. Romina came over and Daniela started mocking her with how she would be going back to jail.

“Why do you sound so certain?” Mina asked. “Did you do something again?”

“I don’t need to do anything for you to fall into your own grave. It’s a miracle. No comebacks?”

“Daniela, it’s only dogs who bark. Next time, I’ll bring a ball, and we can play fetch.”

The Mangubat brothers broke into Patrick’s house. They searched the entire place but they couldn’t find him.

“We’ve been duped,” Hector grumbled.

In the courtroom, the judge asked defense to call the next witness.

“Thank you, your honor,” Bernard began. “I now call to the stand, Mr. Patrick Tolop.”

Patrick walked into the courtroom.


Daniela glanced at the prosecutor in disbelief. She stared down at Patrick as he went to take the stand. She then stared at Mina. Oh, God, if only looks could kill.

“Surprise,” Mina teased.

Flashback : Patrick was worried that he and his family would be in danger if he talked. Romina and Bernard promised to protect and take care of him and his family.

“I’ll hold you to your word,” Patrick said.

“You can count on us,” Mina declared.

Present : Romina gave Daniela a mocking smile as Patrick took an oath to tell the truth. And nothing but the truth.

Daniela began making a scene, accusing Romina of turning their own witness against them, all the while branding the messenger as a liar. “How can anyone believe anything you say? You’re a liar.”

The judge slammed her gavel for order. “Mrs. Bartolome, another word from you, and I will hold you in contempt.”

At the diner, Kristoff asked Cassie to go out with him to see a movie.

“Just the two of us?” Cassie asked nervously.

“Yeah. Like a date.”

“Is it okay if I asked mamma’s permission first?”

“Sure. Just let me know.”

Marga came over and in a fit of jealousy, started complaining about how table 12 had been waiting for their milkshake for all of eternity. Cassie gave her the order and Marga went out to serve it. Glancing around like a thief in the night to make sure no one was watching, Mini-Daniela added a tiny little spicy ingredient to the milkshake – a dead, stinking insect. She then went back to the kitchen with the order and started bitching.

Sir Wacky came over. “What’s going on here?”

“Look at the milkshake Cassie made,” Mini-Daniela began. “There’s a fly in it.”

Back at the courtroom, Bernard asked Patrick about his initial statement and Patrick admitted that it wasn’t true.

Back at the diner, bratty daughter kept on bitching about the insect in the milkshake.

Sir Wacky was staring into the milkshake as if he wanted to have a taste of it. And of course the dead, stinking insect as well. “Cassie, what’s your explanation?”

“Sir, I don’t know anything about that,” Cassie stated. “I followed all of your procedures.”

“Why don’t you admit you can’t focus on your job,” Marga taunted, eyeing Kristoff. “Because you’re preoccupied with someone else. You should get fired because of this.”

“Girls, stop,” Sir Wacky admonished. “No one’s getting fired. When there’s a problem, we should be looking for solutions, not bickering in front of our customers. This is embarrassing. We’re a team here… I don’t want this to happen again, Cassie.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Make a new milkshake. And make it special because you’re behind the serving time. And as for you, Marga, in case of problems like this, come straight to me so we can solve it. You kids are unbelievable.”

Back in the courtroom, Bernard asked Patrick why he had made those claims in his statements if they had all been lies. Patrick told him that someone had approached him and asked him to testify against Romina after giving him a large sum of money.

“Is that person who payed you inside this courtroom?” Bernard asked.

“That person isn’t here,” Patrick replied. “And I don’t know that person’s name. But I can identify him if I see him. Mrs. Romina, I’m sorry for what I did.”

“On this argument your honor,” Bernard began. “All the evidence against the accused has now been made insufficient. The remaining evidence is circumstantial. Shouldn’t this case be dismissed so my client can be acquitted?”

Jessa went to the Cartolome shop since she and Kulas had planned to go out earlier. Kulas left to go get changed and Myrna tried talking some sense into Jessa to leave her family alone.

As Kulas was heading out after dressing up in the small office at the auto shop, Carlos gave him some money to deposit at the bank. Jessa eyed the money greedily from outside.

Outside the courtroom, Bernard told Romina not to lose hope because the evidence they had presented in court was strong and he was certain that they would win. Mina thanked him for all his help.

“I made a promise to my friend,” Bernard stated. “And I won’t break it. I’ll protect you and Cassie. I know that’s what Robert would have wanted.”

Mina smiled. “Thank you.”

Daniela came out with the prosecutor. “I see you’re still the liar you were, even in court. If you aren’t afraid of the law, at least be afraid for your soul.”

Romina scoffed. “Look who’s talking. You’re the one who should be afraid because you’re the one with a heavy price to pay. I guess you don’t hear the truth too often, do you? That’s why you think everything you hear is a lie.”

Daniela grabbed Mina by the hair as she walked away.

Romina shoved off Daniela’s grip and followed up with a slap. She then grabbed her by the hand. “You really chose to show your true colors here. Daniela, at least act like you’re educated. No matter how rich you are, you can’t buy class. And you can’t stop people from revealing the truth.”

“Are you trying to say I’m the one who bribed the witness?”

“You just said it yourself.”

“Let’s just see if you win the case, if your conscience can take being free after everything you did to my father.”

“Even if I’m acquitted in Robert’s case, I still haven’t won. I will only win once the real murderer is behind bars. You’ve already seen the evidence proving my innocence but you’re still accusing me. Maybe that’s because you are the real culprit.”

“Classic Romina. Putting the blame on others to make her life easier.”

“I’m not putting the blame on you, Daniela. I’ve always been wary of you, because your twisted mind knows no bounds. I can promise you this though – once the case goes my way, you wouldn’t be able to pick yourself up ever again. Because my foot will be in your back as you try to crawl.”

Jessa told Kulas about how Myrna was giving her a hard time. Upset, Kulas wanted to go back to confront her and Jessa tried to convince him to let it go. Kulas agreed, saying that he wouldn’t let it slide if it happened again.

“Let’s have some fun. What do you wanna do?” Kulas asked.

“I know a place,” Jessa replied. “But I’m not sure it’s your kind of thing.”

“I’ll go anywhere, if it makes you happy.”

Later that night at the diner, Cassie and Kristoff, in the company of Neil, got ready to for their movie date. After instructing her driver not to pick her up, Marga managed to manipulate her way into taking her along so they could drop her off at the mall, claiming that she had an errand to run.

After a phone call, the messenger told Romina and Bernard that some men had been looking for him at the address she had given. Bernard told Patrick not to worry, saying that they were looking for a new safehouse for him and they would make sure his family was safe.

“I hope so,” Patrick said.

“The verdict will soon be released,” Bernard announced. “I think we’ll have to wait for a couple of weeks.”

“We need to make sure I’m acquitted,” Mina said. “I don’t want to simply win this case, I want to send all our enemies to jail too.”

“I really wanna help you, ma’am,” Patrick said. “But I don’t know who they are.”

“But you remember their faces, right?”

“I think so.”

“Then a cartographic sketch will be able to help us identify them.”

“Another man approached me when we first met.”

“Who was it?”

“I don’t know. He threatened me and that’s why I fled. I think he works at the factory.”

Romina glanced at Bernard. “Was it Hector?”

“I don’t know his name, ma’am.”

“Try to recall what they look like,” Bernard cut in. “I’ll look for someone who can draw a cartographic sketch.”

Daniela was throwing a fit and breaking things when she got home. Carlos came in and asked what the matter was. Danny girl sobbed, saying that Romina had killed her father and she was getting away with it.

“Please that’s enough,” Carlos admonished. “There’s still no verdict, right?”

“You’re right, Carlos. That woman is a murderer. And I will do everything in my power to make her pay for her crimes, even if I have to make a deal with the devil himself to ensure her place in hell.”

At the the entrance to the theater, Cassie and Neil were having small talk about the movie when Marga came over and told them that she wanted to watch it too.

“Baby girl, aren’t you here to run errands?” Neil asked.

“I can just do it later,” Marga replied. “I wanted to watch this movie too but Nadie didn’t wanna join me.”

Neil made a face. “Is that so, huh? How convenient.”

“It’s okay, uncle,” Cassie cut in. “It’s a pretty popular movie. She can join us if she wants to.” Cassie turned to Kristoff. “Will that be okay?”

“Yeah, sure.” Kristoff bought some popcorn and turned to Cassie. “Cassie, let’s share.”

“Okay.” The bag of popcorn however fell from Kristoff’s hand as Cassie tried to reach in.

“What happened?” Neil teased. “Everything’s so exciting in the beginning. Even sharing popcorn can make you feel giddy.”

“I’ll treat you guys,” Marga cut in. “We can have one bag each. No need to share.” Mini-Daniela went on to buy four bags of popcorn as the little lovebirds smiled at each other nervously.

Kulas was surprised when Jessa took him to a gambling house. He was reluctant to play but Jessa managed to convince him to give it a try.

Daniela barged into Hector’s place and started ranting about how he had failed to take care of the messenger after all the money she was paying them.

“You’re paying us for only one thing,” Hector stated. “To keep quiet about who really raped Romina.

Everything else we do for you is free because you’ve got a pull on me. Don’t worry, we won’t mess up again.”

“It’s too late for that. Hector, you need to learn how to keep your promises. You can’t even button your shirt properly.” Daniela stormed over and started buttoning up Hector’s shirt. “You’re so sloppy. How can I trust you to do your job properly if you can’t even button your shirt the right way?”

Hector was amused. “And… what’s your plan.”

“I don’t have a plan. All I want is for Romina to rot in jail. For crying out loud, can you please make an effort to look presentable?” Daniela stormed out and Hector smirked.

An artist made a cartographic sketch of the person who had payed the messenger to testify against Romina, as well as the one who had threatened him to leave the day he had brought some documents to Romina at the factory. Romina stared at one of the sketches in comprehension.

“What is it, Romina?” Bernard asked.

“Bernard, I was right,” Mina replied. “This is Hector. But why are they accusing me of murdering Robert if they really are innocent?”

Later that night at the mansion, Romina told Bernard about how Alvin had claimed he and his brother were innocent of Robert’s death and ratted out Daniela as the culprit.

“Then why are they still covering for Daniela if she really did do it?” Bernard asked.

“And why does she still trust those guys?” Mina added. “You know Daniela – she doesn’t trust people easily for no reason.”

“Unless they have something on her.”

“Or maybe he only said that because he knew that’s what I wanted to hear, to fuel my anger for Daniela and forget my suspicions about their involvement. One thing’s for sure – those brothers are lying. They both know much more than Alvin was letting on.”

Hector payed off a goon and told him to make sure that the truckload of contraband items were delivered safely. The guy assured him that he wouldn’t let him down and he would be able to smuggle in the goods since everyone at Camila thought he was only delivery sardines.

“Sorry for making you do this,” Hector said to his brother. “But you need to lie low for now.”

“I’m sorry too. Next time, I won’t mess up. Especially if it gets Daniela upset. That woman’s a pain.”

Hector flashed back to his recent encounter with Daniela and how she had buttoned up his shirt.

“You alright?” Alvin asked.

“Yeah. Don’t worry. She’s useful in her own way.” As Alvin left, Hector fished out his handkerchief and flashed back to how he had made Daniela wipe her tears with it. He breathed in the scent of the handkerchief and smiled.

Daniela arrived home to find the romantic lunch her husband had set up by the poolside to cheer her up and celebrate his successful business. Daniela thanked him. When they sat down to dine, she was even more surprised that the chef from her favorite restaurant was the one who would be serving them.

“I want this night to be very special for us,” Carlos said.

Daniela smiled. “Thank you, Carlos. You didn’t have to, but thank you.”

Romina strode in leisurely, clapping in mock admiration. “Wow. How sweet.”

“Care to join us?” Daniela taunted. “That’s what you’re good at, right? Interrupting our family’s moments.”

“Mmmm, no thanks. Enjoy your meal. It might be the last one you have in this house. Because once I’m through with my case, I’ll get our money back. Don’t expect me to leave anything for you. So you better start packing your bags, cause I’m kicking you right out the door. And I will make sure that you go straight to jail where you belong.”

Daniela sprang up to her feet. “How dare you.”

“Romina, please, that’s enough,” Carlos cut in. “Can you please give us a few moments of peace? Leave us alone. Why do you keep starting trouble?”

Romina turned to Carlos. “You think I’m starting trouble? Okay. Fine. Enjoy the meal. And Daniela just a piece of advice – think about what I said. You better be prepared.”

Kulas won some money at the gambling house and gave Jessa a cut.

“You wanna play another round?” Jessa asked.

“Why not? I’ve got my lucky charm here.”

At the theater, Marga noticed Kristoff staring at Cassie as they watched the movie. Mini-Daniela eyed Kristoff. “Can I try your food? The flavor you picked looks good.”

” We ordered the same flavor, Marga,” Kristoff pointed out as Cassie glanced into her bag of popcorn in confusion.

“I just want to try.”

Kristoff reluctantly held out his bag of popcorn to Marga and she began eating from it as Neil made a face. Cassie seemed cold and a little irritated. Kristoff took turns glancing at both girls. He then surrendered his popcorn to Marga and wrapped his jacket around Cassie. “Do you still feel cold?”

“I’m fine, thank you,” Cassie said.

Kristoff’s hand brushed Cassie’s. “Your hands are cold.” He took Cassie’s hand in his and began rubbing it as Marga watched. “How about now?”

Cassie stared at him for a while. “Thank you. I’m okay now.”

Marga was torn apart. She left for the restroom.

Back at the gambling house, Kulas told Jessa that he was ready to buy her anything she wanted since he had won a lot of money. Jessa told him she just wanted to see him happy and that he should use his winnings for the auto shop.

“We’ll come back here,” Kulas said. “And when we do, I’ll bring a lot of money so our winnings will be bigger.”

“But don’t forget to bring me along next time.”

“Sure thing. I just don’t wanna push our luck tonight. Let’s get out of here.”

In the living room at the mansion, Daniela ranted to Savannah on phone about how Romina was giving her a hard time.

“This has been her game plan all this time,” Savvy said. “Now that she’s gonna get exonerated from your dad’s case, no one can stop her anymore.”

“You’re not helping, Savannah. My family’s future’s at stake here.”

Marga came in just then, troubled and afflicted. “Mommy. Can we talk right now?”

“Sweetie, I’m in the middle of something. Later, perhaps?”

Marga started walking away.

“Marga, are you okay?” Daniela asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine. It’s nothing.”

Daniela went back on the phone as Marga went up the stairs. “Savvy, we need to find a way to get rid of this woman. She’s really getting on my nerves.”

Marga glanced down at her mother sadly and carried on with her miserable self.

That is where today’s episode of The Heiress ended .




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