THE HEIRESS: Tonight (Thursday 27th May) on Episode 58

We started today’s episode with Marga being worried about her grandpa being lost at sea and her mother assured her that they would find him. Meanwhile, a neighbor notified Kulas of Robert’s accident and he quickly asked for the TV to be turned on. Kulas and his sons watched as the reporter spoke about the ongoing search and rescue operation.

Back at the seaside, the reporter made the mistake of saying that the victim’s chances of survival would be smaller the longer the rescue took. Daniela started making a scene, asking whether she was saying that her father wouldn’t be coming back. Carlos tried to calm her down while Bernard arrived with Kristoff and dismissed the pesky pressmen.

Night had fallen and Romina hurried over to the SAR (Search And Rescue) officer as he returned from the search. She asked whether there was any update. The officer said they hadn’t found anything yet. Mina was pretty upset and agitated. As she was insisting on helping with the search, Cassie arrived with Neil and Mina hugged her.

“Romina, please let the officers do their work,” Neil admonished.

“I can’t take this anymore,” Mina sobbed. “I have to find him. He can’t leave me and Cassie.”

“Mamma, we’ll face this together,” Cassie said. “We’ll wait for daddy’s return.”

Carlos asked Marga to go home and get some rest while he stayed behind with her mother. Marga insisted on not leaving until she saw her grandpa. Kristoff came over and offered to keep Marga company and Carlos then left to get some food.

“Thanks, Kristoff,” Marga said. “But I can handle myself. You don’t have to do that.”

“I know. But I’m here if you need my help or someone to talk to. By the way, have you seen Cassie?”

“She’s probably with aunt Romina. I’m sure she’s the only reason why you’re here.”

“No. I’m here to comfort your family because you treat us like family.”

Romina was sobbing silently under the tent when her brother joined her. “Please, tell me,” Mina cried. “I need to hear if from someone that Robert is alive. Tell me that we’re going to see each other again. Tell me that my family will be whole again.”

“Robert will come back,” Neil assured. “I’m sure we’ll see him again.”

Marga distributed some missing person posters of her grandpa, asking the people around to contact them as soon as they saw him. She mistook a young man for her grandpa. Kristoff asked her to go and get some sleep but she insisted on waiting. Kristoff then decided to wait with her. As Marga cried and leaned in on Kristoff, Cassie came over and saw them. She watched them for a while before walking away unnoticed.

Romina asked the SAR officer whether there was any update.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Mondragon,” the officer began. “We found a body part. But we need laboratory tests to confirm if it is your husband’s.”

Mina was devastated. She hugged her brother and cried.

The next morning, Marga was walking by the seaside when a guy mentioned that Robert was probably dead already.

“What did you just say?” Marga hissed. “Take back what you said. My grandpa’s still alive! He’ll come back to us! He’s still alive!”

Cassie and Kristoff came over and held Marga back as she kept on ranting and tried going after the guy.

Daniela joined Romina and the officers and asked whether anything new had come up. Mina told her that the body they had found yesterday wasn’t Robert. The police officer told them that there was a very low chance of Robert surviving the explosion.

“Until you find actual evidence that Robert’s dead, we won’t stop hoping,” Mina stated.

“We’ve used up all our resources,” the officer said. “I’m so sorry ma’am. I think we should proceed with the retrieval operations.”

“You can’t do that,” Daniela argued. “My dad’s still alive. He survived.”

“Ma’am, we did everything we could.”

“It is your job to find him,” Mina pointed out. “You don’t get to decide whether my husband is alive or not.”

Marga was still throwing a tantrum due to the words the onlooker had said. Cassie told her that she understood her yet what she was doing wouldn’t help anyone. Marga then unleashed her venom on her. “You can’t tell me how to feel. You don’t understand because he’s not your real father.”

Cassie suddenly slapped Marga.

“How dare you?!” Marga sprang for Cassie but Kristoff held her back.

“Yes, Marga!” Cassie yelled. “He’s not my real father, but I love him. I’ve been with him all my life, so I’m worried about him too just like you. I’m trying to be strong and not be a burnden to the people around me. Please understand me.”

Bernard called Mrs. Galvez on phone and confirmed the news of Robert’s accident. He asked her to see to the matters of the company since Robert had put her in charge before his departure.

Daniela and Romina were still insisting on going along to search but the SAR officer was against it. Bernard came over and asked them to give the rescue team more time to do their job and find Robert.

“But I can’t wait any longer,” Mina argued.

“Just have faith,” Bernard said. “I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to find Robert.”

Cassie approached Marga and asked that they stop fighting. “You love dad as much as I do. We’re family, Marga. We should be able to lean on each other. We’re in this together.”

“How do you do that?” Marga sobbed. “To remain calm in the middle of everything happening”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t care about daddy. I choose not to cry or give in to the pain, because if I do, it’ll be like I gave up on him. I can’t let doubt take me away from a place of hope. He’ll come back, Marga. He’ll come home.”

“I feel the same way. But I can’t help but feel scared. I just can’t imagine a life without grandpa.” Both girls watched as the rescuers came back from the boat.

The police officer announced that a bomb shrapnel had been found among the wreckage. “The explosion wasn’t an accident. It was murder.”

The Mondragons and the Bartolomes were in shock. Romina was devastated and inconsolable. She cried out her husband’s name and passed out on the spot.

Daniela was crying about how her father had left them after promising to be a better father to Marga. “I didn’t even get to say a proper goodbye. Everything I did was so I could be worthy of his time and love. Now it’s worthless. I’ll never have the chance to be a good daughter again.”

“Your dad loved you,” Carlos said. “That’s the important thing.”

Marga watched sadly as her father consoled her mother.

Romina woke up at the hospital, frantic and upset that they had brought her there when her husband needed her. Cassie pleaded with her to rest for a while since she wasn’t strong enough.

“No, Cassie,” Mina wailed. “Robert needs me. My husband needs me.”

Cassie held her in place and comforted her as she tried to get up.

Daniela was ranting back at the seaside when the police officer brought some clothes the coast guard had found.

“We need to confirm whether the blood on it is Mr. Mondragon’s” the officer said. “Would you come with me for DNA testing?”

“It’s fine. I’ll go with you.”

At the hospital, some officers asked Romina whether her husband had recently had an argument with anyone or whether he had any enemies.

“Robert is a good person,” Mina said. “If he had problems with anyone, he’d patch things up. There’s no reason for anyone to kill my husband.”

“Before all this happened, dad was in an accident,” Daniela announced. “He had a suspicion that it was planned. He was trying to find out who was behind it.”

“He didn’t tell me about that,” Mina said in disbelief.

“Well, maybe he had a reason,” Danny girl shot.

The Mondragons arrived at the mansion and Cassie offered to stay with her mother in her room so she could get some rest. Mina however told her to take a rest in her own room since she needed it more, and Neil walked her up the stairs.

“Romina, what do we do now?” Nanny Esther cried.

Mina looked vengeful. “I want justice for Robert’s death. Whoever’s behind this needs to pay.”

Romina and Daniela boarded the boat with some coast guards and went searching the sea. Cassie made missing persons posters of Robert with the help of her uncle.

In her room at the mansion, Romina cried into Robert’s shirt as Cassie by the door, watching sadly. Mina took a portrait of herself and her husband. She recalled the day Robert had married her and brought her to the mansion. She then had a flashback of the day he had surprised her at Navotas. Mina kept on crying, recalling the day Robert had left the mansion for the guest house. Cassie sobbed and watched as her mother threw herself onto the bed and kept on crying.

Cassie and Neil went around distributing the missing persons posters of Robert. Marga came up to Cassie with some posters of her own, saying that she was there to help her.

“Thank you, Marga,” Cassie said.

“He’s my grandfather,” Marga sobbed. “I’ll do everything I can for him to come back. How can I help?”

“By being here.” Cassie hugged her.

At the Bartolome house, Marga vlogged to her ‘Baby Dragons’ to help her find her grandpa.

At the seaside, Romina was pretty upset that the search was coming to an end when they hadn’t even found her husband yet. The officer told her that they had done everything they could. “Based on the results of the search and the rescue team’s operations, the taskforce decided to…”

“To what?” Mina wailed. “To stop the search? To give it all up? You still haven’t found my husband!”

Cassie tried consoling her mother.

“We’re sorry. Due to the amount of time passed, your husband is now presumed to be dead.”

An officer interrogated Alvin concerning Robert’s accident. Alvin pointed out that he couldn’t have blown up a helicopter considering his poor living condition.

Cassie came into the living room and asked about her mother and her uncle. Esther told her that her mother was resting in her room while her uncle Neil had gone to work. Cassie then refused to eat and offered to help her out with her work.

“Just leave everything to us,” Esther said.

“But I want to help,” Cassie insisted.

“There’s something you can do – let the tears flow, Cassie.”

“I can’t. If I give in, it will hurt mamma even more. I have to be strong for her.”

“Your mom is strong, Cassie. She’s been through a lot over the years. She’ll get through this too. But you’re still so young,” Esther sobbed. “You shouldn’t hold back. You should mourn and cry your heart out to express the pain and sadness you feel over your dad’s death. Please don’t keep it inside.”

Cassie hugged Esther and cried.

Alvin was worried about the police and Hector told him to stop acting so paranoid before the cops suspected them.

“What if Daniela tells on us?” Alvin asked.

“She wouldn’t do that,” Hector declared. “We’ll need her to get closer to Cassie and her family.”

Roxy came in and mentioned Robert’s death. Hector and Alvin both played dumb. “I feel bad for my fake sister,” Roxy said. She then suggested that they visit them to pay their respect.

“Let’s give them some space,” Hector said. “We’ll visit them next time.”

Romina was talking about the funeral arrangements for Robert with Bonita and Jepoy when Daniela barged in with her bratty lapdog and demanded to take care of everything. Mina and Esther told her that they had to work together because it wasn’t a good time for any arguments. Daniela started attacking Bonita the moment she spoke and Mina defended her.

“You have no right to act like a wife,” Daniela jibed. “You are the reason daddy’s dead.”

“Are you trying to blame me?” Mina asked in disbelief.

Cassie came over as her mother argued with Daniela. “Stop it,” she cried. “Why do you two always have to fight? Can’t you at least honor daddy’s sacrifice? He died trying to fix this family. Isn’t that enough reason to stop? Daddy’s dead now. You can do whatever you want to us, Daniela. But for now, let’s get along for daddy’s sake.”

Mina went to console her daughter while Danny girl gave Cassie a look.

Kulas and his sons got ready for Robert’s wake. Jude and Gino both felt sorry for him because he hadn’t been able to fix things before he died.

Robert’s wake was being held and Daniela stormed into the room with her bratty lapdog. Mina asked that they set aside their differences for Robert’s sake. “Someone has to pay for Robert’s death. I’ll do anything, even if I have to hunt down the killer myself. No matter who it is and how long it takes.”

The Bartolomes payed their respect to Robert. Carlos thanked him for everything he had done for him. “May you rest in peace. I’ll take care of Daniela and Marga.”

Marga stared at her grandpa’s photo and broke down in tears, recalling the moments she had had with him, and how he had promised to be always there for her whenever she needed him.

Carlos and Kulas offered their condolences to Romina and she thanked them. They then excused themselves and met Myrna on their way. Kulas asked what she was doing there and Myrna said she had come to offer her condolences and to talk to her sons. Kulas gave her the go-ahead but only Gino stayed behind to talk to her.

Roxy entered the event and started fawning over Marga, her dearest idol. Marga was annoyed. She got upset and verbally abused her as she kept on pestering her. Cassie came over and saved her fake sister from Marga’s wrath. That was where we ended today’s episode.



Source : Blasters Series


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