THE GOOD SON: Tonight (Wednesday 26th May) on Episode 58

The episode begins with Raquel pulling away from Anthony’s kiss. She told him she was scared of being with him because a lot of people would be affected. Anthony however said that her sons would understand them since it was not wrong of them to love each other.

SPO2 Alfonso told Romeo about finding out that Dado was speaking to Olivia while in prison. Romeo therefore said he would take care of watching Olivia.

Justine took Calvin home and he was anxious after Joseph’s questions. Enzo thanked Justine for taking care of Calvin and being his friend.

Later, Calvin tried to sneak out and run away from the house since he figured it would be easier for him and his family if he was gone. He also didn’t want to go to jail. Olivia saw him and stopped him saying that she would never give up on him.

Anthony took Raquel home and they shared the news that they were together with Matias, Joseph and Obet. Anthony spoke to them and asked that they understand that they had feelings for each other. Anthony said he cared for Raquel and wanted to take care of her. Matias and Joseph agreed to let Raquel pursue her relationship with Anthony by respecting Raquel’s decision but Obet didn’t like it.

the Good son

Obet walked out and went to tell Arthur that he had already lost out to Anthony. Arthur got furious and went to the house to cause trouble. Raquel stayed at the house while Anthony, Joseph and Matias dealt with Anthony. They threatened to get him arrested so Arthur had to leave and Obet went with him.

The following morning, Anthony went to Raquel’s house to accompany Matias for his dialysis. Matias wanted Obet to go with him but he said he had to go for his job.

Joseph confronted Obet about his behavior and asked that he give Anthony a chance. Obet was upset since Joseph had agreed to the relationship. Joseph said that they should just accept it since it was what Raquel wanted.

Sabina started her job at the salon but she was only asked to clean. She complained and asked when she would start putting make up on people since she was a trainee. She was asked to be patient or stop working there.

Olivia and Matilda were worried about Calvin’s condition and thought it best to take him to his doctor. They were worried about the police surveillance so Olivia asked her house help to buy groceries using her car. They tricked Romeo into following her so that they could sneak Calvin out of the house and take him to the hospital.

Joseph and Hazel decided to go see Justine again so they went to her house again. They met Justine’s sister and tried to talk to her about Calvin. Justine was upset when she found them hounding her sister so she asked them to leave her house.

The company’s shareholders wanted to pull out their investment since there was a lot of trouble. Ernesto, Raquel and Anthony however convinced them to stay so that they could find a solution.

Arthur was upset with what happened with Raquel so he went to have a drink. Obet went to see him and took him home after he got drunk. He also told him that drinking wouldn’t solve his problems. Arthur also said he wouldn’t give up on Raquel.

When Calvin saw the doctor, he told her that he heard voices in his head and they were controlling his life. The doctor told Olivia that Calvin needed full treatment and supervision so he would need to be admitted in an institution if things got worse.

Olivia broke down and said she wouldn’t let it happen. The doctor however said they had to think of what Calvin really needed to get better. That was where today’s episode ended.


Source: BlastersSeries


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