THE GOOD SON : Tonight (TUESDAY 29) on Episode 82

We start today’s episode with Enzo and Olivia looking for Calvin around the pier. Enzo asked that they go home and rest first because she needed to look after herself. Olivia refused to go home and told Enzo that they needed to find Calvin first so they continued looking for him.

Joseph was furious after he left the police station since the police were yet to catch the person who murdered Victor. He went to see Hazel and she asked him to calm down because the police were doing everything they could. Joseph however said that it wasn’t the case because they would have already caught Victor’s murderer if they were doing their best.

The following day, Olivia went to the company to ask for his position back since she was still a shareholder. Ernesto however said that the board would not allow her to return because they were now in a good place after her mismanagement. She asked that Olivia rest at home first and they would talk about her return to the company after another time. Olivia however said that she was fine and had better ideas than Raquel, even saying that the franchise business was too small scale.

Joseph arrived was furious to hear that Olivia wanted to return to the company after Ernesto and Raquel did all the work to save it. Olivia said that it was Anthony’s fault the company was in trouble because he had stolen the money. Joseph however said that Olivia had no reason to benefit from someone else’s work. He added that Olivia was the reason Raquel was gone and harassed her. He said he would make her pay for her mother’s death so Ernesto cut in and asked Joseph to leave first. Enzo came too and told Joseph to leave his mother alone.

Obet refused to return to work at the company because he had only gone there to help Raquel. When Joseph got home, he told Obet and Matias that Olivia wanted to return to the company but he wouldn’t let her.

When Obet visited Athur in jail, Arthur encouraged him to be the one to take revenge against the Buenavidez family because they could not depend on Joseph.

Obet later went to Olivia’s house and waited for her. He doused her car with blood and when Olivia came out to ask him what he was doing, Obet dumped the rest of the blood on her. Olivia had to go to the house to wash up and change. Enzo saw her and she told him what happened.

Obet went home to wash the blood on his hands. He was mad at Olivia so he trashed Victor’s photo promising that he would make his evil wife pay for everything that he had done.

Joseph had just arrived home when Enzo came to the house to confront Obet. They began to fight and Joseph lifted a heavy brick trying to hit Enzo with it. Matias came out of the house and stopped him while Obet went to get his gun. When Obet came back out, Matias got him to get back into the house so that he wouldn’t have to confront Enzo. Enzo however refused to leave and went after Obet. Matias tried to stop him and ask him to leave so Enzo pushed him. Matias fell on the ground and hit his head. Enzo was alarmed and ran off, meanwhile, Joseph and Obet rushed Matias to the hospital.

The doctor said that Matias’ injury was minor but he needed to stay at the hospital overnight for observation. Joseph wanted to report Enzo for harassment but Matias asked him not to since Olivia would report Obet as well for vandalizing her car.

Enzo went home with bruises and Olivia wanted to report it too but Enzo asked her not to do it because of what happened to Matias.

Matias was discharged the following day and when he got home, he took Obet’s gun away from him. Obet said he needed to protect himself but Matias said that someone filled with anger should not own a gun.

Joseph visited Victor’s grave and put the blame on him for all the tragedies that happened to them. He said that he shouldn’t have sought justice for him because it had led to his mother’s death.

Joseph had not gone to school for days and the other students began to worry about him.

His professor also wanted to talk to him so Hazel tried to call but couldn’t get through to him. She therefore went to look for him at his house.


When Obet visited Arthur, Arthur told him to do something worse to the Buenavidez family so that they would be afraid and stop messing with them.

As Olivia was preparing to take Matilda for her therapy, she received the note saying that the person knew Victor’s murderer and she recognized it as Dado’s handwriting.

Obet followed Olivia to the therapy session at the hospital. He got her to leave Matilda alone by slashing the tyres to her car so Olivia had to leave to see what was happening.

Obet told the nurses that she was Olivia’s son so he was allowed to take her with him. He took her out the staircase and disabled the safety lock on the wheelchair. He threatened to kill her if Olivia did not leave them alone so that she too could feel the pain of losing a mother. He then left her on top of the staircase and left. Olivia realized that the car issue was a distraction and we ended as she went back to look for Matilda.




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