THE GOOD SON: Tonight (Monday 17th May) on Episode 51

Today’s episode starts with Ernesto asking Anthony why they didn’t tell him about the company’s problems. Anthony said that he thought they would be able to resolve the issue but it was not possible. He said they would get an auditor to look into their accounts and find out how much trouble they were in. Ernesto told him that if there were any more problems, he would sue him and Olivia. He then got a call telling him that Miriam was missing so he left for the airport.

Miriam was worried that something might have happened to Sabina but Ernesto said that she might have planned the escape herself. Miriam asked him not to jump into conclusions before they found out what happened.

Olivia held a meeting with Enzo, Calvin and Matilda and told them to start parking because they would soon be leaving for America. She also asked them not to tell anyone about the trip because she wanted them to leave quietly.

When Raquel and Anthony got home, they told Joseph about the problems at the company and that Olivia was trying to run away from everything by stepping down.

The police combed through Olivia’s properties again looking for Dado. They went to the rice mill and the guard there told them that Olivia had been frequently visiting the mill the past two weeks. The police asked to go in but the guard told them that they were not allowed to let anyone in. The police waited outside and they were able to see Dado as he tried to leave the mill. They went after him asking him to surrender but Dado managed to run off again. The police found Dado’s things which indicated that he had been hiding at the mill for a long time.

Olivia got a call from her secretary telling her that the police found Dado’s hideout. She asked if he got caught but she was told that he escaped. She then continued to blame the staff for not catching Dado and letting him hide in his property.

Ernesto went to look for Sabina at Obet’s house but she wasn’t there. He accused Obet of hiding her but taking her but Obet said he didn’t know anything. Ernesto wanted to go into the house to look for her but Arthur arrived and stopped him. Joseph said they didn’t need to fight and told Ernesto to go inside the house to look for Sabina but he wouldn’t find her there.

The Good Son

When Ernesto got home, Sabina called Miriam to tell her that she was fine so that her parents wouldn’t worry. Ernesto took the phone and told Sabina to go back home but she refused to tell him where she was.

The following morning, Anthony went to ask for updates from the police and they told him that Dado was hiding in the company’s rice mill. They also said that Olivia might have been helping him hide because she had been visiting the rice mill often. Anthony called Joseph and asked that they be careful because Dado was on the run again.

Dado called Olivia asking for her help but she refused to do it. She told him he was on his own now since he would only drag her into trouble and then hang up on him.

The police went to ask Olivia why she had been visiting the rice mill and she said that she went for a routine inspection of their facilities.

Dado became desperate and went to see Calvin at Brisard. He asked him to talk to Olivia so that she could help him but Calvin told him that they would be leaving soon so Olivia did not intend on helping him.

At home, Calvin told Olivia that she was worried about Dado since he had gone to see him. Olivia said that Dado would never betray them because he loved them and they would use his love for them against him.

Enzo confronted Olivia since he overheard her conversation with Calvin. Olivia admitted that she was working with Dado to save Calvin by stopping Joseph from investigating. She therefore told him that she poisoned herself and sent Dado to plant the poison in Joseph’s things. Enzo was surprised and told Olivia that there was a better way to deal with things. Olivia however said that she was willing to put her life on the line just to save Calvin.

Joseph met with Hazel and they talked about Dado’s escape. Hazel asked what they would do next and Joseph said that they would talk to Justine, Calvin’s friend to see if she knew anything. Hazel searched for Justine online and they realized that she wasn’t friends with Calvin. They also noted that there were no photos of them together.

Obet went to meet Sabina at the hotel she was staying at. He was the one who had helped her leave the airport. Sabina said she would live off of her savings until she found a job so that she could prove to her parents that she could survive by herself. When she went to pay for her bill though, her credit cards were declined and she had to pay cash.

Dado decided that he wouldn’t let Olivia take his son away from him. Since the root of all their problems was Joseph, he decided to put a stop to it. He then called someone who sells guns.

Anthony went to see Olivia and heard her telling her staff to pack their stuff because they would soon be leaving. He told Olivia that she couldn’t run away from all their problems but Olivia told him to ‘Watch her’ do it.   That was where today’s episode ended.



Source: Blasters Series

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