MaxTV Novella: Final Episode of “A Love To Last” on Tuesday 29th June 2021

The final episode of A Love To Last starts with Mameng talking to Andrea about leaving Anton. She asked Andeng not to harbor the hurt she felt in her heart and talk to Anton so that she could let everything out. She said that she did not want a time to come when Andeng would be cold and bitter.

Andrea met up with Chloe and she said that they all missed her at home and Andrea said she missed them too. Chloe asked Andrea to do something for her and she asked what it was. Chloe said that Grace was outside and she wanted to speak to her. Andrea told Chloe that she had nothing to say to Grace because she had already hurt her enough. Chloe told Andrea that Grace tried to kill herself and was sorry about what she had done to Andrea. Andrea therefore decided to listen to Grace but asked Chloe to let them talk alone.

When Grace came, she apologized to Andrea for ruining her marriage with Anton, for not trusting her as the mother of her children and for hurting her. She said that she was sorry and touched Andrea’s arm. Andrea did not say anything and watched Grace with tears in her eyes. Grace left after her apology.

Andrea went to see Anton and he had a romantic set up ready for her. When she arrived, it began to rain and Anton went to cover her with an umbrella. He held her arm but Andrea took it away and walked inside the house. Anton went to get a change of clothes for her but Andrea stopped him and said she was fine. She got out some serviettes and used them to dry herself. Anton remembered the first day he saw her and she was doing the same thing. He told Andrea that she looked beautiful then, just like she did then.

They sat down to eat some cup noodles since Anton’s romantic set up had been ruined by the rain. Andrea wanted to know how the children and Grace were doing. Anton said that Grace went to America for treatment and he was going to let the children spend time with her on the holidays. He was also planning to take Kitty to Disneyland. Andrea told Anton that she already accepted Patrick’s offer to work abroad while Anton said that he resigned from Celba. Andrea asked why he resigned when it was his dream and he said that he did it for the sake of their family. He did not want his work to be the reason he lost Andrea. He asked her if she was determined to leave and go abroad and Andrea said she had to get away from him. Anton asked if she no longer loved him and Andrea said she could no longer trust him. Anton told Andrea that she was so cold for giving up on them so easily because she had promised to always be with him when they got married. Andrea told Anton he was unfair and walked out on him.

Anton followed Andrea out in the rain and begged her not to go. He said he understood but Andrea told him that he had hurt her a lot and she did not know how to forgive him. Anton therefore agreed to let her go but asked her to give him a proper goodbye.

After smiley time, Anton told Andrea that he would let her go. He asked her to live her life well and be successful. He also said that he would let her visit the children if she wished. Andrea went home in tears and she told Baby that she loved Anton but she was tired of getting hurt. She said that the men in her life always ended up hurting her but Baby told her not to keep count.

Tupe had decided not to go to Singapore so as not to be away from Chloe. When they met, Chloe said that she did not want to be the reason he failed to pursue his dreams so she decided to break up with him. She said that she did not want them to turn out like her parents so she asked him to go to Singapore. They would meet later, when they were the better versions of themselves.

Andrea was having lunch with her family when Jerold and his wife walked into the same restaurant. Andrea went to greet him and he told her about his family. He also asked Andrea about her husband and she said that they broke up. Andrea asked Jerold if she was a difficult girlfriend and Jerold said she was difficult sometimes. He said that she was too selfless when it came to love and she expected the other person to love her the same way. He therefore reminded her that everyone loved in their own way.

After speaking to Jerold, Andrea asked her uncle Boyet to take her to the airport since she was going to Disneyland. When they arrived, Anton’s flight was about to leave and the security would not let her in. Andrew and Uncle Boyet pretended to fight to distract the guards and Andrea was able to go through.

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Anton was taking the kids to Disneyland and the pilot was about to take off when Kitty saw Andrea outside. She called out her name and Anton said that she was not coming with them. Kitty told him that Andrea was outside and Anton went to see her. Andrea told him that she had promised to go with Kitty to Disneyland. She apologized to Anton for giving up on them and said that their story only involved the two of them. She told Anton that he had taught her how to love and it did not matter if they did not have a history because they had their whole lives to create memories together. Anton asked if she was done and took out her red scarf. He said that he was going to take a piece of her everywhere.

They kissed and got back together.

A few months later, Bianca gave birth to Andrew’s son and the entire family gathered in Batangas to celebrate. Anton also invited Tupe and he told Chloe that her father had agreed to let him court her once she graduated college.

Andrea brought Anton to the construction site of their house and said that she had a surprise to show him. She took out a pregnancy test and shared the good news that she was pregnant with their first child. Anton was extremely happy that they would soon have their own child.



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