A LOVE TO LAST: Monday 17TH May 2021 on Episode 66

Today’s episode starts with with Anton and Andeng planning on how they were going to spend time together and resolve their issues in their marriage. They agreed to always apologize and forgive each other no matter how upset they were. They drew up a contract and signed it.

Meanwhile, Nanny Diding complained about Andeng reprimanding her but her colleagues told her that they should respect her since she was now the lady of the house.

Anton showed Andeng around the house and when they got to the storage room, Andeng offered to organize it so that she could put some of her things in there. Anton agreed to let her do it and asked Diding to throw away Grace’s things that were still in the storeroom. Nanny Diding said that they might still be important to Grace so Anton told her to send them to her house instead. He then left Andeng to work on organizing the room.

Grace called Andeng after arriving in LA to talk about Chloe. She told Andeng that she had heard about her trying to convince Anton to let Chloe date. She added that Andeng did not have a say in Chloe’s life and she did not want her to get pregnant and raise a family like she had at 18. Andeng said that Chloe was responsible and Grace took it to mean that she was irresponsible. Andeng said that she did not mean it that way but Grace said she would speak to Anton instead.

A Love To Last

Lucas found out that they were throwing Grace’s things away and got upset. He confronted Andeng and asked if she was the one who made Anton do it. Anton however interrupted and told Lucas that Grace was no longer part of their lives but Andeng was. Lucas asked Anton if his mother’s things made his new wife uncomfortable. Anton got mad and told Lucas that he would not let him disrespect Andeng. Lucas walked away and Anton wanted to go after him but Andeng stopped him. She said they would only say hurtful things to each other since they were both mad. Instead, she suggested that they go out on a family vacation to bond with the kids.

Anton talked to Lucas about going on a trip to Ilocos and he agreed to go. He also requested that they pass by his grandparent’s house since they lived in Ilocos.

At school, Tupe and Fort made an extra effort to campaign for Chloe who was running for batch president. She was overwhelmed and a little embarrassed by their efforts so she asked them to stop and focus on supporting their families instead. They however both refused to listen. They asked Chloe out for a meal but she said that she had to go home for dinner.

When Chloe got home, Anton and Andeng were briefing the staff about their trip. They asked Chloe to join them but she could not go because she was nominated for batch president and it was the campaigning period. She decided to stay home with Jordan and Nanny Diding. This content belongs to Kenya meets the Philippines and should not be posted on any other pages.

The following day, Anton and Andeng flew with Lucas and Kitty to Ilocos. Anton created a detailed schedule for them to enjoy the activities at the resort as well as for him and Andeng to have some alone time.

Kitty called Chloe to tell her about the beautiful resort they were staying at and she asked to speak to Lucas. Lucas said he was fine and was not planning on causing any trouble during the trip.

Lucas later called Tony to tell him that they were in Ilocos and he wanted to wanted to stay with him because he could not get along with Andrea. Tony was in Manila but he agreed to let Lucas stay with him and talk to Anton about it. After the call, Cecelia told him that she did not agree on the plan to let Lucas stay with them because Anton would not like it. Tony said they could not force Lucas to accept Andeng and some time away from his house might help him deal with the situation.

At school, Tupe planned a surprise date for Chloe. She turned him down because her father refused to allow her to date and she did not want Tupe to lose his job at Celba. Chloe left and Tupe went after her but ran into Gena. He confirmed that he was indeed courting Chloe and rushed off without listening to what he had to say.

When Tupe caught up with Chloe, he told her that he was going to resign from Celba just to be with her. Chloe asked him not to do it because it was a good opportunity for him and his family. Tupe said he could always find another job but he could not bear to lose her. He later asked to help her with her campaign, even just as a friend.

Anton and Andeng had lunch with Lucas and Kitty. Andeng showed Kitty how to eat shrimp and cracked a crab for Lucas. They shared jokes during the meal and Andeng was delighted to see Lucas laughing with everyone.  That was where today’s episode ended…


Source: Blasters Series


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